Stout Faucet for Nitro Coffee Machine

Stout Faucet w/ Wrench

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This specialty Euro style stout faucet helps Bona Fide® Nitro Coffee and Tea achieve that rich, creamy head that crowns each glass.

Add this item to your cart if you want to replace a beer type faucet in order to pour  Nitro Coffee and Tea sold separately on this webstore. Nitro requires 40-45 psi of N2 gas pressure and a stout style faucet to pour correctly.


  • Includes Faucet Wrench for easy removal and replacement
  • 304 grade stainless steel product contact with chrome accents
  • Stainless steel nozzle is specially designed with a restricted spout that contains diffuser disc which slows down pour and actuates the nitro foam
  • Thread Compatible with US Beer Faucet

Installation tips and general setup advice is also available. Email contact page of our website and make request.