Nitro Coffee machine countertop double faucet Lindr Bona Fide

Double Faucet Countertop Flash Chiller w/ Compressor

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Countertop Cold Nitro Coffee Dispenser w/Compressor

• PYGMY 25/K Exclusive 2x Tap, Two-Tap Chiller features an internal air compressor and is exclusively compatible with Bona Fide's Bag-In-Keg "BIK" keg solution sold at this store.

• PYGMY 25/K EXCLUSIVE has a continuous cooling performance of 5.3-6.6 Gallon/h max 8 Gallon/h. 

• The dispenser chills nitro coffee on demand to the ideal serving temperature, one glass at a time. These dispensing systems are made with the highest quality materials and manufactured by Lindr from the EU.

• Each countertop cooling dispenser features the famous Lindr instant cooling technology wrapped in attractive and easy to clean stainless steel body that goes perfectly in the break room or the commercial service area of a restaurant.

• Comes with keg coupler for BIK Keg, stout style faucet. All you need to pour is a BIK keg of Bona Fide coffee and a 110v. electrical outlet

•    Dimensions   W 7”  L 11 1/4”  H 13 1/2”

•    Weight  34.5 lb.