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Nitro Infuser AGM - Dual

Nitro Infuser AGM - Dual

Regular price $795.00

Looking to add some EXTRA to your pour?  The Perfect Nitro Cold Brew?  The Nitro Infuser AGM empowers your BIK system into a SUPER nitro cold brew dispensing machine.  Easily installs in a matter of minutes you’ll quickly impress your customers with an amazing nitro infused beverage. 

This devise pairs with the BIK ( No Gas required system ) Boosting your Nitro cascade to 11 !


The built-in Nitrogen Control System or “NCS Valve” allows you the ultimate control over the gas infusion levels while providing a consistent dispense time and time again.
A wide range of beverages can be infused with the Nitro Infuser AGM. 

    Note: Installation tips and general setup advice is also available. Email contact page of our website and make request.