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Nitro Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea BIK 5 Gallon Keg

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Coffee cherry tea is a herbal tea made from the dried skins of the coffee fruit. Sourced from Nicaragua, know as “Cáscara”. Although it comes from the coffee plant, the drink doesn’t taste anything like coffee. Cáscara is often described as having a sweet, fruity taste with notes of rose hip, hibiscus, cherry and red current. Sourced in Collaboration with The Coffee Cherry Co., consistently recognized as an innovator changing the future of food. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) overall category winner for innovative ideas and technology in agribusiness.

Cal: 1, Protein: 0g, Fat: 0g, Sugar: 0, Caffeine: 55mg 

"BIK" Bag-In-Keg of Cascara Coffee Cherry Nitro Tea is the flexible keg solution for home, office or restaurant. BIK Kegs are compatible with any draft dispensing system and can be propelled with any compressed gas including compressed air, nitrogen or CO2. The secret is in the bag! The propellant gas fills the space between the bladder "bag" and the keg shell and does not contact with, or get absorbed by, the tea.



Dispensing notes

BIK Kegs are compatible with the turn-key Countertop Nitro Coffee Dispenser w/Compressor, sold separately at this webstore.

For keg cooler or keg room applications, BIK kegs require a "BIK Keg Coupler".  BIK Kegs are to be dispensed at 40-45 psi (3 bar) regulated gas pressure, in conjunction with a "stout" style beer faucet for Nitro Coffee.

BIK Coupler, N2 Regulator and Stout Faucet are sold separately this webstore.

Once the BIK keg is tapped, it should remain under proper pressure without being uncoupled until the keg is empty otherwise it may go flat. Once a BIK keg goes flat it will remain flat.

Alternatively, BIK kegs may be dispensed at standard beer pressures (5- 20 PSI) through a regular beer faucet to pour delicious "flat cold coffee". 

Is space an issue? The BIK kegs can be stored at any angle. Easily lay them on their side for stowing in a cupboard or under a short counter.

It is normal for nitrogen "top gas" to vent from the faucet prior to the first pour of a new keg. Once coupled, confirm that the BIK is receiving the appropriate pressure from a dependable supply source as outlined above.